By: Michelle Stephens, Policy Committee

John & Marc at Turbine Olives & Rangeland

After much work and planning by the Yolo AFA Policy Committee, the 2nd Annual Ag Tour was a successful visit to some of Yolo County’s agricultural areas. The tour had three stops and discussed water issues, alternative energy, and transportation through an agricultural lens.

To see the agenda, click here.

The Yolo AFA Policy Committee would like to thank the many people who offered up their space for the tour. CEMEX, Pheasant Glen Ranch, and Matchbook Winery all opened their doors to the 35+ people on the tour and were welcoming hosts with great perspectives on agriculture in Yolo County.

In addition to our hosts, the tour boasted knowledgeable speakers. Thank you very much to the following people for the part you played in this event:

Marc Mammalo, CEMEX
John Pimental, Foundation Windpower
Steve Sagara, Sagara Farms
Elisa Sabatini, Yolo County
Tim O’Halloran, Yolo Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Pheasant Glen Ranch
Tim O’Halloran, Yolo Flood Control & Water Conservation District
Richard Shell, Pheasant Glen Ranch
Chip Salmon, Pheasant Glen Ranch

Matchbook Winery
John Giguiere, Matchbook Winery
Kristy Levings, Yolo County Ag Dept.
David Shabazian, RUCS, SACOG

And of course, we would not have gotten far without Yolo Bus offering their service. Thank you to Yolo Bus!